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First visit

Welcome to Cedar Ridge Dental!

Picking your dentist is a big deal. Here at Cedar Ridge Dental, we like to treat our patients like family. We strive to provide the best care possible for you and your budget. We realize that not everyone has the same priorities about their oral health, so our dentists make it their priority to find treatment plans that work best for you. Our dentists’ abundant knowledge and experience are at your disposal to help you make an educated decision on your smile.

Your first visit to the office. 

Scheduling an appointment

Our friendly staff are always happy to see you and ready to answer your questions by phone or in person. If you’re switching dentists and have seen another dentist in the last year, please let us know before your appointment so that we may have your records transferred to our office. We gladly make same-day appointments whenever possible, and strive to get you in within 24-48 hours if we cannot. Our answering service automatically handles emergency calls outside of regular business hours. Your dental health is important to us and we work hard to see that we can get you the care you need as quickly as possible.

Attending your appointment 

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to address any pre-appointment paperwork. Or you can download and print the pre-appointment forms HERE.   Complete them at home and bring them with you! We do require confirmations on all of our appointments. Texting/Email can be set up for you.

Cancellation Policy

We require confirmation on every appointment. We offer text reminders, email reminders and phone calls for all appointments. If you are in need of cancelling or rescheduling  your appointment, we request that you give us 24 hours notice. If you do not show for an appointment and have future appointments booked they will all be cancelled unless you call the office that day. If you happen to have 3 short notice or missed appointments, we will no longer book you an appointment. We will however, allow you to have a same day appointment or short notice cancellation appointment. If you attend one of those we will be happy to continue to book you appointments again. If you do not confirm your appointment and have missed one appointment prior we may shorten your appointment to accommodate another patient in need of an appointment.

During the Examination

Your comfort is as important to us as the care we provide.  While we care for your teeth, relax in our massage chair and watch the in-room television.  See your own x-rays on the screens in our exam rooms while you talk with your dentist about treatment options. For the exceptionally anxious we offer sedation dentistry as well, and our hygienists will perform your cleaning with the gentlest expertise in the business.

Treatments we offer

Same day Bridges
Same day Crowns
Sedation Dentistry/Hygiene
Orthodontics provided by Palmer Orthodontics
Nightguards /Sports guards
Wisdom teeth extractions

We offer Direct Billing to your insurance company and require same day payment .

Payment is required at the time of service. We offer a variety of payment options. We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Debit cards and cheques. We will gladly offer direct billing to your insurance company, as well. For providers who do not offer direct payment, we will accept a credit card number as assurance of payment. Upon payment by your insurance provider, we will contact you with the outstanding balance for authorization of payment. Payment plans are available. Please consult our office manager for eligibility.

We follow the Fee guide provided by the Alberta Dental Association.

Each Insurance Provider now sets their own individual fee guide.  Some Insurance Providers, such as Alberta Blue Cross, have more than one fee guide for different dental plans.  You should check with your insurance provider to see which fee guide your plan is enrolled with and how it compares to other fee guides in other plans they offer. Payment for claims by insurance benefits are a percentage of the rate in their fee guide.

Each dental office sets their own single fee guide.  According to the Alberta Dental Association’s professional standards, that single fee guide may not vary between patients or insurance plans.  Therefore, when a plan states that it provides 100% coverage, that coverage is based on the Insurance Provider’s fee guide (and does not necessarily equal the dental office’s fee guide).

At our office we believe in providing a high standard of care at a fair price for dental treatment  provided by general dentists.